When Dinner Is Later Than Normal, This Great Dane Is Not Happy With His Owner

‘Hangry’ is a relatively new word to our culture. However, it has been finally added to the official Oxford Dictionary. They define the word as “feeling irritable or irrationally angry as a result of being hungry.” We all know that feeling! (And so do our loved ones!)


Well, Max the Great Dane is especially hangry and his owner thinks ahead and sets up the camera so we can see just how cranky he gets! And the results are hilarious! 



Max may not be able to read the clock, but he sure has an acute sense of time. He knows when dinnertime is, and when it’s even a few minutes behind the norm, Max freaks out! Dinner is usually at 5:00 pm, and it’s only 5:08pm, but Max is starting to hound his master until he finally gets what he wants. 



This little video is so funny! It’ll brighten anyone’s day, and maybe it’ll help them be a little less hangry next time they need to eat and they’re waiting on someone to serve up their meal! 


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