Terrified German Shepherd Rescued By Heroes From Under An Overpass

Adrienne the German Shepherd was lonely, hungry, and hurting when she was found under an overpass along a river canal in Los Angeles. Hope For Paws rescuers were worried about how she would react to their presence if she were awake, so they snuck up on her while she slept, then fed her cheeseburgers to earn her trust.



Eventually, Adrienne learned to trust her rescuers and walked willingly out of the canal and into the waiting car.


Her paws were bleeding from being forced to walk on hot cement while living under the overpass, but after a nice bath and time for her feet to heal, she was beautiful inside and out. After being rescued, Adrienne was taken to Coastal German Shepherds Rescue where she found her forever home. Don’t happy endings like this make you smile from ear to ear? 


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