'Stray' Dog Is Rescued, Turns Out Not To Be A Stray At All

This Mastiff fell into a concrete drainage channel. She was afraid, dirty, and acted aggressively out of fear. Her rescuers saw through her defense mechanism and could tell she was actually a sweet dog who was afraid and just needed a little help. 



They wrangled her in with a catch pole, but switched her over to a collar and leash after showing her that they were no threat. She calmly went with them and didn't give them any trouble. She then had to be coaxed into a crate and lifted out of the drainage ditch to be rescued by firefighters and volunteers. 


She was a bit thin and appeared to be another lonely, homeless stray. But when she was taken to the vet, they found that her family had been looking for her for a long time! They rushed down to pick her up and you can tell how happy she was to be reunited with her family! 



Please microchip your dogs! A chip is the best way to find your lost pets! 



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