Pitbull Gets Rescued And Given A Special Snack That Gives Him The Zoomies

There’s a saying that those who have been rescued from much, love much. And that is certainly true for a Pitbull named Finn. Finn was raised in a dog fighting ring so he never experienced the joys of life like cuddling and getting treats. 


But when the dog is rescued from the horrifying reality of a fight dog, he gets brought to a home where he gets to be on the receiving end of love and care just like every dog should have. Thankfully, his new owners know what a hoot he is, so they catch one of his antics on video! 



Watch the video below to see sweet Finn receive his very first snack. He goes bonkers with excitement! His owners hand him a piece of pizza crust and the Pitbull instantly gets the zoomies! He jets all around the room, barely missing the walls as he celebrates a newfound love: pizza! 



It’s amazing to see this dog in the right hands now and loving life. Here’s to many more pizza crusts in his future! 


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