Panda Rejects Newborn, Then To The Relief Of Zookeepers She Changes Her Mind

In mammals, newborns and mothers bond instantly upon birth. Baby mammals aren't fully formed and depend on their mothers or for everything from warmth and protection to food and education. That dependency is why zoo employees were worried about how a mother panda, named Min-Min, would react after she gave birth.


Credit: YouTube/BBC


In zoos, animals are often taken from their mothers soon after birth for health testing. They are aware that they increase the risk of the baby not being accepted by mom, but in the case of endangered species, it's usually deemed worth the risk to check on newborns.


Credit: YouTube/BBC


They quickly performed the necessary tests and returned the baby.


That's when their fears were realized. Min-Min ignored the baby completely. She even went as far as turning away from her baby.


Credit: YouTube/BBC


Just when they were considering removing the infant panda for its safety, Min-Min suddenly makes the connection that the baby is in fact her newborn and picks it up. She carries the infant to the corner and cradles it to insure a lasting bond. Her zookeepers couldn't be happier!



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