Mountain Lion Kept In Rusty Pickup Truck For Decades, His Reaction When Freed Is Amazing

A Mountain Lion, named Mufasa, spent years of his life living in a makeshift cage in the back of an old, rusty pickup truck in Peru as part of a traveling roadside circus.


Needless to say, the conditions were less than adequate for a full grown mountain lion.


Many circuses and zoos, especially ones in countries with minimal rules of husbandry of protected species, keep animals in cramped conditions with subpar nutrition.


Mufasa spent 20 years chained in the back of a pickup: unable to stretch or even feel grass under his feet.



Luckily for Mufasa, in 2015, Animal Defenders International rescued him after months of labor intensive work. They managed to track him down as they worked to close down the Peruvian circus he’d been held at for 2 decades.


He was released from his chains and finally, in his twilight years, was allowed to be free again.



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