Mother Dog Helps Her Adolescent Daughter Prepare To Be Adopted

Moana the dog was rescued from the streets, heavily pregnant and with an older puppy running around with her. Moana was rescued first, then rescuers found and saved her daughter, Kala.



Due to Moana’s pregnancy, she and Kala were fostered separately. Kala wasn’t adjusting well to her new life inside and had a lot of medical issues she needed to recover from.


Once Moana’s puppies were old enough to be separated from their mom for short periods, Moana and Kala were allowed to spend time together, and Kala would come right to life every time.



Eventually, Kala learned to relax and is now in a foster home with other dogs that she loves almost as much as she does her mom.


The little puppies have all been adopted, while Kala and Moana are still waiting for their forever homes.


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