Grumpy Goat Hilariously Argues With Human

Some animals are content to always keep to themselves, and some really, really love people. When goats want to do something by themselves there is no way of stopping them. Who would have supposed that they are stubborn and highly opinionated, and they know their preferences? This goat is overtaken with something and we can only guess what is bothering her. Nevertheless, we have enjoyed the video to the fullest because it keeps our face happy.


Even Sky can’t be sure what he is arguing about with the goat, He can only make guesses that is about something that she doesn’t want to do, and she “asks” him to do it. But he is even more stubborn than the goat, he doesn’t give in and doesn't give the goat the satisfaction of winning the argument, partly because it is funny to keep her “babbling” like that and partly because he has a character, too. Are they arguing about the trash or about something totally indiscernible? We can’t be really sure but one thing is sure: this goat is cool and she has an answer to every question that Sky asks her. And being bull-headed as he is, the answer of course is no.



Her air of eccentricity is what makes this “conversation” even much funnier. At one moment, being unhappy with the human’s answer, she even snaps at him! That is what he gets for not being diligent and following her demands. Nimble of foot and quick of mind, mountain goats are adept at extricating themselves from tricky situations. Usually though, they're responsible for getting into these predicaments in the first place and have a habit of not learning from their mistakes. Although intelligent, they do not have much in the way of street smarts and could be considered naive. This is probably due to a lack of real-world experience.


People can’t be forced to do something that don’t like, and animals are no different than that. Since they act on their natural instincts and not on some well-learned behavior, at least not a mountain goat. She is not trained to perform tasks upon people’s wishes. Being independent, a true loner and a highly-opinionated creature, she will keep her stand until the very end of the video.


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