Funniest Baby Moose Attacks Backyard Sprinkler

Imagine looking out the window that overlooks your backyard to see a wild animal just having a grand old time in your sprinkler. One couple apparently gets to look at this view nearly every day, but they are partially to blame as they’ve made their backyard into somewhat of a playground for the moose that frequent it.


In the video below, the couple goes to work setting up a sprinkler in their backyard, well aware that their daily visitors will soon be approaching. The man giggles like a playful little boy as he sets up the sprinkler, on a mission to get the sprinkler running in time for the big arrival, as the woman captures the fun-loving footage.


Cory “Mr. Safety" Williams is back again to treat us to another amazing footage of Alaska’s amazing wildlife! Cory’s family was treated with a not-so-unusual encounter when a family of moose stopped by their back yard. The garden sprinkler was on that hot summer day and the baby moose got curious with the unusual contraption, so it approached to investigate.


Surely enough, the calf joined in on the family’s summer fun and decided to have some fun of its own around the sprinkler, just like any other child would. It even slips on the wet grass, gets up and goes for seconds! So adorable! At one point during the video, Mr. Safety says that he “loves how watching moose is a family event in this house". Hey, Dude Like Hella, if we saw a moose in our backyard, we would probably be plastered to the windows too!



It is awesome to see how the wildlife up in Alaska is so comfortable getting up close and personal with humans. Sure, there was a wall and pane of glass between Cory’s in-laws and the calf, but the baby moose’s curiosity really made a difference. Cory "Mr. Safety" Williams is an actor and an internet celebrity, with "The Mean Kitty Song" being his most viral video to date.


One playful moose in Alaska seems all set for summer. The actor Cory Williams sets up the sprinkler to see how the moose would react. The baby keeps coming back to dance through the water and has a drink. The moose is first seen testing the water, before all-out playing in the sprinkler. The curious little moose appears to test out the water by first having a little shower to only scampers off into the woods. However, she soon returns, and does an adorable skid down the law to the sprinkler. The video shows the moose coming back at least three other times, as her mom watches from close by.


Curious, but hesitant the baby keeps coming back to the sprinkler as the mama moose goes about her business grazing in the grass behind the tree. It’s really no different than a human child playing at a park, as a mother stands close by, letting the kid get his/her energy out.


If only we all could be so lucky to have this daily form of entertainment. We can be pretty sure that this baby moose is going to try to convince her mama to come back to the “neighborhood water park”.


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