Feisty Little Puppy Steals Something Valuable Someone Dropped And Takes It Home

Losing your wallet is probably one of the most annoying things that happens. It usually happens at least once in every adult’s life. You have to go through so much effort to clean up that mess: cancelling cards, getting a new license, trying to remember how much cash you had in there and what all the important papers were that you had stashed in the pockets and folds of the wallet. 


So when a man in Anqing City, in the Annhui Province in China was playing cards and his wallet went missing, he immediately called the police. He knew that his bank cards, identification and at least 2,000 yuan (just under 300 USD) were all in the wallet. What he did not know is that a cute little creature was responsible for this theft. 



The man had been playing cards with some friends in a supermarket when the wallet went missing. Thankfully the market had a security camera that got it all on video! You can watch the wallet fall out of the man’s back pocket and land on the floor. Shortly after, a couple dogs run through the market. The little black puppy sees the wallet and playfully picks it up and runs out with it, all unbeknownst to the men playing cards! 



The police and the man were so surprised to see it all on the footage of the security cameras! The police located the little dog at his home and recovered the stolen wallet. No cash was missing and all the contents were returned to the man. The sneaky pooch may be a criminal in training or was in the right place at the right time. We are so glad this man didn’t lose anything and that the internet gained a funny video! 


Watch the Chinese news briefing on the event below. It will definitely make you chuckle. 


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